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3 days ago
"I feel sick after reading all the bait and switch tactics and the same thing happened to me. I took my 81 year old mother to purchase a 15,000 dollar scion and make agreement with Reggie on interest rate and payment. Smart auto care plan for 3200 added without even asking and a clear shield for 499.00 plus 795.00 cash price Accessories Reggie was talking to me while the finance guy was with my mother. I got scammed it is a elder abuse crime.the office was closed a hour late because paperwork took 3 1/2 hours I didn’t see contract before my mother signed. The print on contact is so small you can not read the numbers please avoid this place I wish I saw this web site before my mother got scammed by Horrible people. I called next morning to see if Reggie can take off all the extra charges He verbally agreed too.After reading all reviews I see the this is the way they do business. I will file BBB complaint,"
4 days ago
"Purchased a used car and Reggie put in a 3200 service contract and a clear seal for 499 + 750 extra for cash price got Taken I didn’t see all the bad reviews Beware"