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"Jordan Smith is my guy! I have personally bought multiple vehicles from Jordan and his team at Mini ranging from Mercedes to Lamborghini to Mclaren and have always been treated with the VIP experience from start to finish! "
"Throw the whole customer experience out of the window. This was an utter waste of my time. Mind you i drove 4 hours to look at a Mclaren in which in pictures it looked good. Luckily i went to see it in person and it was not up to my standard that i would expect. And ive seen much better 10 year old cars in much better shape. It was all great when i was there looking at it. Then after my wonderful 5 minute/1 mile test drive in nothing but traffic and lights it all went down hill. When i wasnt impressed with the condition of the car, the "product specialist" which is a great title for someone who knows absolutely nothing about the vehicle, proceeded to try to force a sale on me as if since i took an mediocre test drive down the street and back i was obliged to by a car i didnt feel comfortable in the condition and made comments that people come and test drive cars all the time and leave. As if that wasn't enough we went inside for the usual "pressure" sales talk to try and make it seem as if i dont know what im talking about when it comes to what the car would need. As someone who has been working on cars since i was a child of all makes and models even foreign cars the now salesman tried to tell me about a car and how i was wrong when im the one doing weeks of research and information gathering. One thing i wont stand is someone who tries to guilt trip me or make it seem like im dumb when im a car person who knows what they want and is looking for. Sorry i'm not one who is easily swindled into a car with no knowledge or research. Do dealerships not know that we dont need them but they need us customers. Horrible experience. Will definitely spread the word that this place is not the one to go. Go back to the drawing boards on customer service. "