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6 days ago
"They helped me find what I was looking for within a week amd communicated often. "
"I took my CH-R in for a recall in March. I was told at that time that I did not need an oil change. I spent about five hours waiting for my car. On September 24 I brought in my car for an oil change. My Maintenance Required light had come on. I told the person NOT TO WASH MY CAR. I had washed and waxed it the day before. During my visit I was told I did not need an oil change as they had done it when I brought it in for my recall. So supposedly the oil was not changed this time. When they were done they WASHED MY CAR and left it full of water specs. The clean mats were wet. I complained to the person who said, I'm sorry". But that does not count for me. He should have followed my instructions of not washing the car as you guys do a lousy job. Also, some one was vaping in the car as I found a vape smoker cartridge in my car. It is a Fume Extra Black Ice 5%. No one in my house smokes nor vapes. Don't do it in my car."